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  I am wondering if anyone has used the jig on 3/4 x 3/4 stock. I'm looking

to make some grill panels for some speaker cabinets and need them to be 

removable and small.

Thank You,

Jim Shelton

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You may be able to do it but I'm guessing there is a better way then pocket screws for something that size. Do you have a picture of something like what you are trying to do?

Here's a pic of the same cabinet I have built, I want my grill to go around the perimeter

and not block the horn.

hi, nice box, I've done some speaker boxes and the best sound came from that of 3/4" MDF, also, glue your joints because of vibrations, I hope this helps

Hello Ben,

  This picture is of a box just like mine except the tweeters, they are built with 1/2" (13 ply) Acuaro plywood .

I have folded horn subs built from the same wood light and loud no vibration. Anyways I'm looking to build the grills now

Ben Hidalgo said:

hi, nice box, I've done some speaker boxes and the best sound came from that of 3/4" MDF, also, glue your joints because of vibrations, I hope this helps

Ok I found a photo of one of my cabinets, I laid the tweeters in it

I'm just wondering if the kreg jig would hold a 3/4 x 3/4 frame together. It would screw to the box face

Well I went down today and tested out the jig on a 3/4 x 3/4 Birch Ply and it worked


  When installing screws in plywood, you may experience splitting between the laminated plys,

because the plys are being forced apart.

  Make practice pieces from scrap to see if you're getting satisfactory results.

  With some joints and their location, it will be beneficial to add glue.

Add glue to joints that will be subjected to stresses; such as vibration, twisting, turning, torquing, or the like.

When using pocket screws, a minimum of 2 is recommended at each joint, when space permits.

If one is experiencing splitting, go to a smaller diameter screw---in some cases, this will solve the splitting problem.

  Some joinery methods, when using screws, will require a pilot hole.

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