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Just thought I would start a discussion on woodworkers real jobs. It would be fun to no if there are lots of professional people using Kreg Jig along with people  like myself a retired  construction worker.

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Hello, I'm Jim from Oklahoma, a retired school teacher. I used to teach Computer Science and was pretty proficient at computers, but not anymore. How many of you remember entering programs and data using punched cards. We've come a long way baby. Obviously, the changes are rapid in computers. I'm into woodworking as a hobby, and I have a ways to go. I love reading about what others are doing in woodworking. Keep the dialogue going.
I live in Alabama (for 30 years now), have degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and work as a test technician as a sub-contractor to the US Army testing guidance systems for the defense industry. Prior to that I worked as a sub for NASA and built control panels and wiring harnesses for the Space Shuttles and then for the International Space Station. Woodworking is a hobby, and I often find myself getting too exact for my own good. My great-grandfather was a cabinet and furniture maker...back in the day of hand tools- some of which I have.
I am a retired Firefighter. I live in Greensburg, LA. I am origionally from Westwego, LA (New Orleans subburb) and moved here after finished repairing my house from Hurricand Katrina. I moved here because I got tired of running away everytime a hurricane entered the Gulf of Mexico and because I now live in the country, wide open spaces. I have been doing woodworking since wood shop in high school, about 48 years.
Great thread, Jens!
I am an English as a Second Language teacher in Mexico, being doing woodwork for almost 7 years and have a long way to go
Well I thought it would be fun to see everyone's way of life,I no myself I often see someone in a lumber store looking and poking at things and wonder if they are new to hands on type work or just don't understand somethings.I hope this draws interest in all members to participate in there back grounds.I guess it is just a different type of posting..
Hi, I am Pete from Florida, thirty years in Information managment (Data Processing, Computers). Now woriking at a theme park in culinary. Started woodworking back in the 90's. Really like the Kreg system to join two pieces of wood together. I have built a medicine cabinet, Vanity, three chairs for a church in town and also a headboard for our bed.
Like Jim Osteen I remember working on computer when they could only do one instruction at a time. I started in the army in the late 60's and then work after that till I was laid of in 2003.
I do maintenance and repairs on Arcade equipment.... Never could decide what I wanted to do when I grow up So I hang out in the Arcades all day, talk to the kids and play an occasional game or
Dan from Thunder Bay ON Canada

By day I'm a mild mannered IT Geek who looks after about 500+ workstations, a 1/2 dozen servers! Woodworking is a great stress reliever for me. Unfortunately in my neck of the woods (Northern Ontario) my garage is not heated so my woodworking is limited to the warmer months, usually May - Sept/Oct and this year spring has come early so I'm about to start up again!
Well Jens I believe you already know this about me,but i'm a professional cabinetmaker/woodworker in the Wash. D.C. area.i've done everything from framing multi million dollar houses to making furniture and cabinetry all over the D.C. metro area.
I am an Airline Pilot. Every time I flick the 'on' switch on a power tool I remind myself that this is a dumb hobby for an airline pilot. I do it anyway because I reall enjoy it.
YesI new that but I'm sure 100's did not no that,Keep up the great work here and there

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