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Hello All,

First time post and first time user of the Kreg Jigs (love them).  I purchased the HD version to help me with some farmtable benches that require me to use 4x4's for the majority of the build.  My question is this:  Is there a way to position the Jig so that the exiting screws come out of the center of the 4x4? 

Currently, the screws are more towards one side and when the screw tightens, its tightening on that one side and causing a little gap on the opposite side.  If the screw were to exit more towards the center, then it was join the 2 pieces with equal pressure from the middle.   Does that make sense?   

When using the HD for 2x4's and the screws are going through the 2x4's into the 4x4's theres not issue.  Its only when drilling into the 4x4's that im struggling.



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When achoring 4x4's, I'd suggest placing (2) screws on each face, 90 degrees/opp from one another.

This will result in (4) screws per post.

Locate each screw 1" from the edge of the 4x4.


1. place a screw in each face, centered, in the 4x4---

resulting in (4) screws in each post.

2. place a screw in two faces, centered, in the 4x4 post---90 degrees from each other---(this approach would be suitable for light-duty application, short length, such as a short leg, or the like.

(4 screws will result in a sturdier build and be needed for longer members). 


Suggest make sample 4x4 test piece(s)---about 6" long.

Add pocket holes and install the screws, in each, as described herein---

so that you can visually see the outcome.


If the screw were to exit the center of the 4x4, as you mentioned,

You'd need a much longer screw, and the pocket hole would have to be started much higher in the column.

NOTE---if the screw exited in the center of the bottom of the 4x4 post, and you used more than one screw, they'd interfere with each other---

You don't want that.

Obtain some 6" timber screws, drill a pilot hole in the 4x4, at an angle the same as the HD pocket hole jig,

so the exit hole is in the center of the 4x4 post---

drive the screw into the 4x4 test sample piece, install the screws as you suggest.

Observe the outcome.  

You'll see for yourself what I'm referring to.

Good luck with your build.


When working with the HD jig you can definitely use it in material larger than 2X.  However, like you have stated it will not have the screw come through the center of your material.  We recommend with material larger than 2X that you place pocket holes on opposite sides of one another so that you have additional holding power.  This also corrects the issue you are referring to since you will have screws pulling from each side allowing you to get a square joint.  If you have any other questions please let us know.  

Hi Ken,

I never thought of it that way and you're correct.  I was just trying to keep the pocket holes concealed.  I'm attaching a picture of one side of the bench (inside portion) and you can see my dilemma.  The base is built using only 4x4's.  I already built one of the benches, and its incredibly sturdy, but it was my first time using the jig.  I think for the 2nd one, i will put a matching set of pocket holes on the other side and just conceal them using a dowel and sand it down.  

Thanks again for the advise.  It was very insightful. 

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