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I am considering purchasing a Kreg jig system.  I noticed that there is a Kreg K4MS Jig System and also a Kreg K3MS Jig System available at online sites such as  I am wondering what the differences are between the two systems other than perhaps the K4MS is the latest or newer model.  Thanks!

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Just thought I'd post to say I just received my brand new K3MS system, along with a 90 degree clamp, extra regular clamp, a mini jig set up, screw set, and a few other odds and ends.
I bought the K4MS system for my son last Christmas.......while I think the K3MS is a bit better, he did notice one other minor change. His K4MS will store the drill bit underneath the base, where the K3MS does not.

Now I know most guys mount their systems on a bench anyway, but he still keeps his in the case, as he does not yet have a permanent workshop.

I received my new K4 yesterday, having no experience with the K3 I cannot give an opinion. However; the K4 Master Kit also comes with a mini single slot which increases its versatility. There are alway arguements about the relative differences in models, experience will always find ways around a problem.

THe major difference as you may have already noticed is the location of the clamping handle in relation to where you stand.  On the K3 it is closest to your body and the K4 it is farthest from your body.  I have had both and I perfer the K3.  This makes it so I dont have to reach over a long wide board like a shelf that I am putting the jig holes in.  I have not had any issuses with the K3, but it is supposed to not have as strong of clamping pressuer as the K4 design.


My neighbor did not head my advise and purchased the K4.  He now kicks him self for it because he has used my K3 and he does alot of shelfs.

Having read the posts regarding K3 and K4 jigs, I have to say that I much prefer the K4.

I have found absolutely no problem at all in engaging the clamp at the back of the workpiece on the K4 - I suppose it all depends on the height of the wood you are working with though.  I would also much rather be able to safely clamp the K4 jig at the front than have to use use screws on my work piece.

I have the K3, the adjustment bolt has froze in the 3/4" position. When I tried to change it the mechanisom came out of the plastic housing. Now I only can use it for one size board. So I have the K4 system, it is made of metal for adjustment. I don't expect it to come apart. I tried to just buy the one piece, but could not find that.
Do you have another view of your system, looks clever.
Can you post a picture of this?

Rose Lightfoot said:
I have the K3, the adjustment bolt has froze in the 3/4" position. When I tried to change it the mechanisom came out of the plastic housing. Now I only can use it for one size board. So I have the K4 system, it is made of metal for adjustment. I don't expect it to come apart. I tried to just buy the one piece, but could not find that.
Good thinking !!!! Where was the picture taken???  Jokingly it looks like it on the side of the road. !!! LOL   Good Job !!!!

Gary roofner said:
Here is a picture of my speed jig.

I have a short driveway took the picture facing out to the street. Since this picture was taken I added a fence to the top and plan on putting casters. At the present time I am now building a wishing well .

I plan on taking another picture of the jig that shows a fence added to the top. I also plan on adding some shelves in the middle section adding a back and a couple doors in the front. I am in the process of staining the sections of the rings that makeup the frame of the welll 160 pieces that makeup the well frame. Consist of 16 rings with 10 9.5 inch pieces 18 degree angle on each end and all kreg jiged together. So stay tuned should be new picture of the jig and pictures of my wishing well progress.

I was sooo happy, I got the kreg RM3 few years ago for small RTA repairs and some home projects.  It's great but, I was ready for an upgrade.  I get most of my "kreg stuff at Lowes, and just got a gift card and coupon so I was planning a trip there tomorrow to pick up the "K4ms" but I saw a wood working show that talked up the "k3ms" and after reading most of the posts here I'm sold on the "k3ms"  I hear that kreg stopped making it.  Hum..... and My lowes only has the "K4MS" so now what, I don't have money to just get one online somewhere the gift card was only for lowes.  Now I'm so bummed I was thinking really highly of kreg up till this, now i'm not sure what to do aghhhh!


Don't get depressed---

get the K4---

you won't be disappointed.


I've been trying to get a '57 Chevy, for a few years, and haven't found one, to my liking.

With the K3 you are working all from one side of the jig. By that I mean that the clamp handle and drill bushings are on the same side. With the K4, you are working with the clamp on one side and the drill bushings on the opposite side. If you have a large panel, with the K4, you would have to reach around the panel to clamp it. Unhandy in some situations. With the K3, if you have it mounted to a bench, you don't have to reach around. You can clamp, drill, unclamp, slide, and drill again all without any reaching around or over your panel.

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