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Is anybody else still getting images distorted when uploaded?

This issue seems to have been going on a long time now - can your web development team not resolve it?

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Definitely would like an update.  This has been since October, at least

The help ticket we submitted to Ning Technical Support is still open, which means the issue has not yet been resolved. We updated the ticket with a link to this discussion and will let you know what we hear back.


Sorry for the caps, I'm at work.

Frank Katen said:


Hi Andy,

That's frustrating. Are the photo's in JPEG or PNG format ?

From what I read, a picture in JPEG format is acceptable.  Apparently, PNG has an issue. By trade, I'm a Web Server Admin.  Apache/Tomcat mostly but I'll try and help if it's OK with the mods.


Jpgs. The issue seems to be with photos taken on iPhone and not edited before uploaded. This has been over 6 months now and is a bit ridiculous it still happens.

There went that thought.  Kreg uses a software called Ning for their forums.  In reading over at the Ning's creator forums, the support for Apple devices is well, lousy.  This image problem is one example. 

I agree with you on it being ridiculous.  So many people snap pictures with cellphones.  For the near future, if you do edit the pictures, at least you can add descriptive text to help explain.  Long term, I would be interested in an official response from ning or kreg saying "we'll give them X time to resolve".

Sorry; not the answer you wanted to hear.

Not just iPhone, but Android as well.  I think that it has happened with my point & shoot Sony, as well.  My thought is that the orientation tag in the image EXIF information is getting things messed up.  When I strip that tag, and rotate the image manually, they display correctly.
Andy Harris said:

Jpgs. The issue seems to be with photos taken on iPhone and not edited before uploaded. This has been over 6 months now and is a bit ridiculous it still happens.

Hello everyone,

It is just as frustrating to us that this issue has not yet been resolved. As we've mentioned before, Ning prioritizes help tickets based on the urgency of issues reported. A lower priority level is most likely what is causing such a prolonged period for this to be resolved. As you can see in the screenshot below, we reported this issue late last fall, and the ticket remains open.
Feel free to read through the help ticket conversation chain below for any insight. As you can see, the last few messages we have sent to Ning on this ticket have gone unreturned. That's probably because they have no resolutions to offer yet. With the ticket still open, we can assume that their team is working to resolve this issue, among many others.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience in the matter.

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