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I bought a jet 14" with 12" resaw band saw last year.  When I went to pick it up, i also bout the kreg fence and 4.5 resaw guide.
When I got home and actually around to setting up the saw,  i wanted to test out the resaw guide.
i looked everywhere and coudnt find it.
i figured my garage ate it.
yesterday I was at rockler and told the manager my stroy.
he looked up my purcahse and saw that i had paid for a resaw guide.
he checked his inventory and saw that he should have 2..when we went to look ..there were three. so i had forgotten it there.
no questions asked..he handed it to me and said heres your resaw.

I always am seeking stores that take care of their customers.
wonder if the big chains would have done that?

thats why I will always buy my woodowrking items at rockler.

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the rockler store is like paradise.
No Rocklers near here,but there Is a Woodcraft that I recently stumbled upon about 18 miles from here,had no idea it was there for all my years..but they do now have a new lifetime a kid at Christmas in
You have to love those Christmas stores for MEN
I don't know if it's a fluke, but here in Cincinnati, wanted to buy a lathe and visited both the Rockler and Woodcraft stores and asked about some after market accessories for the Jet. I'd like to do some metal cutting. Both store owners said they didn't know about the products but would call me when the Jet repetitiveness was in the store. I can't seem to get these stores to call me when Jet this there. Anyone else sell Jet equipment?
Try Grizzly tool they carry metal working and wood working tools.
i live in seattle and have both a rocler and a woodcraft store and both are near by. After going to both i find there is better deals as well as service at rocker than woodcraft. They both have simliar items but Rockler has better prices as well and the service i cant beat. They have come to reconise me as i go in now wvwn if it has a short time since i been in there, they may not remeber my name but hey it not the bar cheers in boston where every one knows your name. I will continue to get my things ar rockler and there specialty wood is alot better also than woodcraft, better selection.
I'm a Canadian (Eh!) and my parents just happen to live in Minneapolis (Burnsville) which has a Rockler about 5 minutes from the house! So you can bet, every time I head to visit the folks, your bound to find me at Rocker spending (honest honey, I only spent a few dollars). The service I recieve at the store is above and beyond! They always seem to have the little odds and ends that I can never seem to find in Canada. The store Manager (Randy, don't know is last name) is always there to give a helping hand! Now if we could only get one in Canada I'd be really happy!
Dan Fiorito said:
honest honey, I only spent a few dollars

We lie about the cost of tool purchases, they lie about the cost of shoe purchases and the world keeps on spinning! haha
True.. so very true.. my wife likes to round price "down' for example, if it's $250.. she says $200, $300 becomes $250.. and so on.. lol This year she's been good with me though! Purchased a new Kreg Router table fully loaded, Ridgid Jointer, Ridgid Drill press, General Granite top table saw... plus all the "little things" she didn't see... because with a new TS you have to get a new Jessem Miter and a good General tenoning jig which leads to the General Mortising Jig for the new drill press... oh.. it just never ends.. (I got an unexpected bonus this year at work lol)

Ben Socratous said:
Dan Fiorito said:
honest honey, I only spent a few dollars

We lie about the cost of tool purchases, they lie about the cost of shoe purchases and the world keeps on spinning! haha

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