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I just bought the right angle clamp and it holds well, but it seems to pull up on the top of the entry hole.  I am afraid it may split my wood.  Is this normal?  Is there a trick to this? 

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Clamp the joined members, face side down onto a flat work surface,

then apply the right angle clamp, 90 degrees to the work-piece surface.

Works for me. 


Like Ken suggested, always make sure that you are working on a flat, steady work surface.  Then apply your Right Angle Clamp.  Make sure that the steel pin side of the clamp is fitting as snugly in your Kreg pocket hole as possible.  The swivel pad side should fit tightly against your workpiece.  This allows for solid clamping with no joint shifting.  Attached is a picture that shows what your Right Angle Clamp should look like when properly applied to your workpiece.  

The steel pin on this clamp is shaped to fit snugly into a pocket hole, securely anchoring one workpiece against the other for easy assembly.  Just drive a screw in an adjacent pocket hole while the Right Angle Clamp holds the piece steady for you.  When clamping properly on a sturdy work surface, there should be no possibility of your wood splitting. 

Lots of people like to use two Right Angle Clamps when assembling larger projects.  This allows you to place a clamp on each end to hold the wood as you drive screws in the remaining pocket holes.  You can learn more about the Right Angle Clamp on our website:

If, after applying these tips, you are still concerned, you can get in touch with the Kreg Customer Experience Team by phone at 800-447-8638.  They will be more than happy to offer their best advice.

Have a great day!


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