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Does anyone out there happen to own this model (R4512) table saw?  I got a great deal on one (new) from "Big Orange" and would like to discuss a few things about it.


Thanks in advance.

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hi steve, i have an older ridgid table saw, i think its great. mine has cast iron table and wings, rip 12 inches to left and 36 in to right. great power and square and parallel right out of box. super saw, hope you enjoy yours as much as i do mine.

I've never "put together" a saw like this one.  I have an old Craftsman 10" that is a toy compared to this new one.  I took several days setting mine up because I wanted it to be perfect when I finally started to use it.  I must say mine turned out to be very good right out of the box too.  I found the stock blade had a runout of about .0035 and I wasn't happy with that.  My new blade is at .001 after replacing the standard blade with a Diablo/Freud 10" 80 tooth.  I believe it's the 1080X model from "big orange". 


Today I received and installed the Zero Clearance Insert for my R4512 saw.  After cutting the kerf I had to rip a piece of MDF which will be used for a crosscut sled.  I asked my wife to "receive" the piece as it cleared the saw (since I don't have an outfeed table yet).  I was about 1/2 way through this cut when both my wife and I realized "there was no noise" from the lumber nor the blade.  We couldn't believe how quiet it was.  And how good and straight the cut was too!


I am very excited to start my next project (wife has a few for me) so I can use my new "toy".  I think MY first project will have to be a rolling outfeed table.  Mrs. won't always be around when I need someone to "catch" a piece of lumber at the rear of the saw.


This R4512 has cast iron table & metal extension tables.  I wish they were all CI, but so be it.  I can rip 30" to the right of the blade and 15" to the left.  I'll post a photo or two.



Just got my R4512 !!  Got a Diablo Blade also,  planning on having a fun holiday weekend puting together the saw.

Congrats to you.  Hope you have fun putting it together.  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you look into getting a Zero Clearance Insert for the saw.  I got the RG-5 by Leecraft from the site  Once installed, I made a cut for a cross cut sled I was making.  You couldn't even hear the blade cutting.  I was truly amazed at how clean and quiet the cut was.

Good luck with your new "toy".

Just ordered the Zero Clearance Insert  thank you for the tip!!
You are very welcome.  I'm sure you will not be disappointed with it.

I am just putting this saw together.  Any tips on installing the rear rail nuts on the bolts would be appreciated.  Thanks 

I used one for a few years and loved it dearly.. I have since traded up to the new 5 hp Powermatic with 52" table, complete with router table built into one end. I really like the new saw but still have fond memories of the Ridgid Saw, which is now owned by my son.. You will not be sorry for purchasing it and I can assure you, you will enjoy every piece of wood you cut with it... Good Luck and Happy Woodworking....
Thanks Mike.  BTW... I figured out the installation of the back rail lol.  They forgot to mention in the book that the center bolts do not need nuts, so I was trying hard to get my fingers to fit in places they should not go lmao.
Nice saw.  I have the TS 3660.  Did you have any problems assembling the lift?  The drawing in my manual shows all of the rods the same length?  I had to use the parts manual.  I took my metal insert off and made about 10 zero clearance inserts from some left over MDF.  Used the metal one for a pattern.  You are going to love the saw.  I had my belt jump off once.  Don't know why but I put it back on and it's been fine since then.  I think it's the best saw going that is under $800.
Got the saw mostly together, but it sure does not look like it is ready to go right out of the box.  There is considerable heel in the unit, so I will likely have to play with the trunnion to line things up :(  Hate the thought of that... due to a back injury, I am not as mobile as I once was to crawl under the table.

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