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New to the forum and added some pics for a few of the project that I've built, but some of the pics are stretched.  Is there something that I can do to fix this?



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I've had that happen, as well

I think the site uses the EXIF information contained in the image to orient the photos. If the photo editing software (prior to uploading) doesn't update all the information contained in the EXIF data you'll see the photo sideways, stretched, reversed, etc.
I still haven't figured out how to properly update the orientation information & size information in the EXIF to get the image to display properly. My best solution is using an older version of image editing software that drops that information when the file is saved. The site then uses the file order & available EXIF information and displays the image correctly. 

Both images below are from a cell phone camera, and are the same photo, rotated and resized in different versions of the same software. The older software drops most of the EXIF information, and the newer keeps it. I don't remember how I was holding the cell phone when I took the picture.  In the first image (displaying correctly), the site appends image information to the link that I'm guessing is from EXIF information.  The last part of the url has the file name and info: "20150614_194556NoExif.jpg?width=337&height=600".  The file that has the EXIF info intact also includes the orientation:  "20150614_194556WithEXIF.jpg?transform=rotate(270)&width=599&height=337".

Seems to be a web site issue for sure.  This is a new problem that I did not have before when posting pictures.  When you click on them to view full size they seem fine.  Hopefully the web masters will fix this, it shouldn't be that complicated to upload pictures.

Ok, Thanks Tim & Stephanie

We submitted a Help Ticket to the Ning Technical Support Team a couple days ago regarding this issue and they are working on it. We will report back with updates. Thank you for your patience. 

Tony and Tim, could you please email your original images to us at so that we may submit them to Ning? If you could also let us know what software (if any) you are using to edit your photos, that would be great.

This was Ning's reply:

Thanks for providing those images. To clarify, would it be possible to send over Tim's original image prior to it being edited in his editing software? Additionally, if you can also find out which software he's using, along with which versions, that will also be useful as we investigate this.

While we've received a similar report from another network, that report was resolved by having the member rotate the image again manually in his photo editing software (even if it was just 360º) and then saving it again. However, this now sounds like it may be a larger issue relating to the image's EXIF information, so having the original, pre-edited image, along with the editing software being used, will help us look into this further.


Images and information sent!

Got it. Thanks, Tim!

Did this ever get resolved?  I notice that my pictures are still all goofy looking?

Hi Steph.......The Kreg rep that's been posting here had sent some of our pics to .ning, which I guess hosts the service, to see if they can determine what's going on.  Haven't heard anything since last week's request.


GOOD  LUCK , Ning now real fast !!
Tony said:

Hi Steph.......The Kreg rep that's been posting here had sent some of our pics to .ning, which I guess hosts the service, to see if they can determine what's going on.  Haven't heard anything since last week's request.


I'm sure they will find the problem quickly.  I'm almost positive that the issue is in the way the uploader is translating the photo's EXIF information - but I'm neither a website guy or photography guy.

Just wondering if there is any update to this?  I uploaded a few pictures from my camera, instead of my phone and ran into this issue again.  I did delete the photos and stripped the EXIF orientation and size data to get them to display correctly.

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