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I picked up a Kreg Master System over the holidays and I am gearing up to create my first project.

Project is going to be a walk in closet organizational unit.  

Question I have is what would be the best way to attach my plywood partitions to the wall?  I am thinking of using a 1x4 stringer attached to the wall studs.

Option 1 would be to us Kreg joints on my partition into the stringer.

Option 2 would be to attach the partition with a butt joint (screw from back side of stringer into partition) prior to mounting the whole assembly tot he wall.

I am concerned about tear out from the weight of the clothes hanging on the rod attached tot he partitions.



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Here is a link to roughly what I am referring to, made by another member.  I think they mounted it so it does not touch the floor, which is what I want to do.



If you want to hang it off the floor, a French cleat should do the job just fine. Put screws in the wall portion of the cleat at every stud.


The unit shown in the photo, weighs a lot.

It needs to be substantially supported.

I'd recommend resting it on the floor or install suitable supporting members,

to support the shelving unit and it's contents.

Also, the unit needs to be suitably anchored to the wall, 

so as to prevent it from inadvertently tipping over.

The weight of that unit, tipping or falling over, will cause serious bodily injury.

It's better to try to keep a bad thing from happening than it is to fix the bad thing once it has happened.

I appreciate the replies, I had not thought about a french cleat!

To take Ken's suggestion in, I could build smaller modular units and install them?  Sort of like a cabinet minus the door and bottom (I am doing double hanging) and install that way.  Little more labor and material but meets my need of not having the unit touch the floor.





Visit your local home center, review the books they offer---

peruse the articles that cover constructing units, like you want to build.

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