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My first from scratch project using my Kreg Jig Master System.

I've always wanted a house with a boat house and I finally got one! And I did this with 99.9% FREE and REPURPOSED wood.

Being new to woodworking "AND" having an extremely limited space to set up shop in I needed to maximize my space. In order to do that it required that I move our sit on top kayaks from my one car garage. That only left one place for me to move them...out of my house and somewhere outside!

Now let me explain for those of you that aren't aware of this. Whether you have a wood or plastic kayak having them outside can do severe and irreversible damage them from the big bright star in the sky everyday we call our sun! The cosmetic damage from discoloration is actually the least of my worries as the thing that can happen and cause the most harm is warping causing your "boat" to not run true in the water and you will find yourself paddling in circles like a one armed bandit!

So, not having anywhere else to store them I had to build something! And not having a great deal of resources or funds to contribute to this I had to get really creative and use whatever resources available. So off to Craigslist "Free" section I went and was able to find more than enough wood to get this built. In fact, besides the Kreg screws and the two handles for the doors the only other materials I actually had to purchase was the drip edge for the roof and I even caught that on sale for a mere $1.87 per 10' section and only needed three of those!

Ok, ok, so it's not a "boat house" in the true meaning of one but's my fantasy come true...let me live it ok? :)

I'm going to try to add a pic or two of it here. And I think I did pretty good when you consider I'm a total beginner at this wood working thing and have never built anything from scratch before and considering my limited resources.

I joined all joints with my Kreg Jig...except the door hinges of course. It seems to be pretty darn sturdy and square. I'm pretty proud of my little "boat house" and hope it lasts and protects the wife and I's kayaks for years to come.

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Let me just say ,a great idea scott ,and well executed.Especially as first project nothing like starting big ha .Its goes too show what we can achieve if we think outside the box ,pardon the pun .

Hi Scott,

Great job on your "boat house"! I like how you did the doors. It looks great.  I am thinking of doing something similar for the side of my house for storage of items I would like to get out of the garage so that I will have more room for my tools.  It is great that you were so resourceful and picked up the materials for free.  Great job!  Using the Kreg pockethole jig will get you hooked and you will be making more and more projects.  I think it is a great tool!  that is how I got started as well.  Happy Building!  Enjoy your dream house!!! :)

Alternate construction:

Privacy Lattice fencing panel material, made of heavy-duty, impact-resistant durable plastic, suffices nicely for such a storage unit.

The openings in the lattice allow for air circulation and ventilation, so as to prevent access moisture buildup in the unit.

The material is readily available at home centers---in 4x8 sheets.

4" or 1" square openings, in straight or diagonal pattern.

It cuts easily using a hand-saw, jig saw or circular saw. 

Very cool project Scott. A Kreg Jig makes easy work of strong joints. The fact that this is nearly all reclaimed materials is even sweeter! Great job!

Hey Jay, getting a compliment from you makes me feel great. I love watching your videos and learning from you... except that envy I feel when I see those great quality machines you have! LOL I always learn a lot, sometimes a bit of information overload which causes me to get a case of A.D.D. as I try to take it in, retain it and then go put it to use too! But I seem to always retain enough to go start or add to another project. Maybe one day I will find enough "reclaimed materials" to make a building about 10 times the size of this one and make myself a "REAL" workshop that I don't have to share with my wifes laundering machines and those two cats (and their poopy box). Now if only I could find myself a "reclaimed" table saw likes yours! HAHAHA

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