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Bear with me, still in that beginner to intermediate phase.  I built 2 wall cabinets from the Kreg plans and now I want to mount them.  My cabinets are 18" wide and the wall I can put the cabinets are on the studs are at 23"-22"-23" -8".

1.  Can I mount them to just one stud using 2 screws in the upper part of the cabinet and 2 screws in the lower part of the cabinet?

2.  Or do I need to attach either 1x4 or 2x4 to the studs and then mount the cabinets to the those boards?  

Which would be better?  Thanks for any advice!

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Chip I think you are on the correct path to insure that the cabinets will remain on the wall.   The important thing is to know and recognize the dangers if not done correctly.   I did find the links and they are posted above.  I trust this this will make things clear as to what is needed in order to remain safe and law suit free.  Have a good weekend and enjoy your woodworking time.
Chip Denton said:

Jay, can you provide me a link to your cabinet hanging discussion you mentioned, please?  My plan is to attach my cabinets to an upper and lower French cleat mount attached to the studs and additionally screw the. cabinets into the french cleat itself.  I really don't want the cabinets to fall off the wall, considering we park our cars in the garage.

Chip Denton said:

Thanks for the advice, I'll look at your column.

Jay Boutwell said:

Hi Chip I see that you have determined the way you want to hang your cabinets.  The French cleat is a good option in some instances.  I hope that you will be building more cabinets in your woodworking career.  I have been doing it professionally for about 28 years now and it has been not only a rewarding and challenging career but also one that is brings satisfaction to you as you can look back in time and see things that you built.

Since you posted an inquiry about hanging cabinets I would like to offer you some of my experience by pointing you to a post that I did some time ago that I feel is worth taking a look at as it involves the proper way top hang cabinets but also the dangers when you do not .. You can find the post under my name and the heading of Building and Installing Cabinets.  I think you will be surprised at what happened when a job was not done proper.   I wish you a long and prosperous career in you woodworking adventures.

Got the cabinets up using a french cleat and was very satisfied with the strength of them.  Just need to add some shelves in between and make some doors.  Might even paint them.

These look pretty nice Chip,  I knew when you mentioned screwing them to the French cleats that you would be well on your way to resolve your situation.  The area between the cabinets would frame out nice for a nice peg board for addition tool storage. 

I hope I did not bore you or make you a little hesitant as to hanging your cabinets.  It was just some more information that I felt that you should be aware of.  During my years building cabinets I have seen some pretty scary things and you know just looking at them that it was only a matter of time before disaster would happen.  Many think that a cabinet when it fall will fall straight done and it seldom does this as it tips out at the top.  The bottom digs into the wall and it pivots as most often when they fall if is when someone opens a door as it puts a pulling out on the top of the cabinet and down it comes.    At any rate glad to see you get they cabinets on the wall.  If I can be of any help at any time feel free to drop me a line and I will be glad to help you.  Like I said I wish you a long and happy woodworking experience filled with fun adventures.  Take care.   

Jay, the information you gave me was informative and very useful.  I appreciate it.  I'm going to put shelving between them as well as build doors for them also.

Shelves would look great between the cabinets and really give you some good storage.  Open shelves are always very useful as it is amazing how much a person can collect that needs a surface to rest on.  Doors would be very nice as the doors would not only hide things but most importantly it will protect the contents.  I think your project turned out real well.  I will look forward to seeing the doors.  Take care.
Chip Denton said:

ay, the information you gave me was informative and very useful.  I appreciate it.  I'm going to put shelving between them as well as build doors for them also.

  Search youtube for April Wilkerson and look how she mounts wall hung storage with French cleats. You don't have to worry about stud spacing and you can move them any time. Lots of good ideas in her videos.

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