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I'm a newbie ;).

I've been making (or rather, attempting to make) the Kreg tool storage box using 1/2" birch plywood. The 1" screws are poking through the joined wood. This also happened on a 3/4" plywood drawer I built yesterday using 1-1/4" screws.  On both projects I made sure to set the collar depth on the drill bit as well as the jig itself for the appropriate depth of the plywood.

What am I doing wrong?

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If you set the depth collar accurately my guess is that the plywood you are using is undersized.  I had the same problem with a project over the winter. 

Should I back off on the collar depth to compensate? 

That seems to me to be the best answer.  I don't think you will have to back it off much, maybe a little more than the amount that is coming through your plywood.

I had this problem and realized that even though I tightened it, the collar was still slipping.

- Make sure that you have the wood clamped in the Kreg jig correctly.

- Adjust the collar to the correct distance and mark it with a permanent marker.

- I tend to short the drill about a 1/16th of an inch anyway, so it's not going to hurt. The screws are self-driving and can compensate.

Thanks mrshll.toy! That's a great suggestion.

mrshll.toy said:

- Adjust the collar to the correct distance and mark it with a permanent marker.

So here's another question...I'm making some drawers (I've made one already using all sides at 3/4") using 3/4" material for the sides, and am wanting to use 1/2" plywood for the bottom. In the design I'm using, the pocket holes are on the front and back and bottom pieces. Should I use the 3/4" adjustment or the 1/2" adjustment for the bit? And what size screws should I use in this instance?


Plywood is smaller than 3/4 inch.  Also 1/2 plywood is smaller than 1/2 inch. Do you have a clutch on your driver to keep from over driving the screws.

Ahh, that explains it...I was using a 1x6 on my last project (which measured out to be 3/4", and the kreg pocket hole/screws worked great), and I "assumed" the 1/2" plywood was just that...1/2". That'll teach me to double-check the measurements! Thanks for the insight.

Gary roofner said:

Plywood is smaller than 3/4 inch.  Also 1/2 plywood is smaller than 1/2 inch. Do you have a clutch on your driver to keep from over driving the screws.

Had the same problem using 3/4 in plywood for some cabinets.  Everything was set right on my jig.  Come to find out the plywood was off, it was really about 23/32nds.  That little bit allowed a screw to come through a little bit.  Unfortunately I had drilled all the holes on one side already.  So...I compensated by leaving a little sawdust in the holes.  Seemed to work this time.  However, I learned to NOT ASSUME measurements.  Better to check and make sure.  The tip about backing off the jig collar setting worked with all the rest of my holes.  As a side comment, I bought the Rip Cut and, after adjusting, was amazed at the precise cutting.  Good addition to your tool box when you need to cut big pieces.

did you set the drill collar for the shoulder of the drill bit exactly on the 3/4" mark or beyond? If you are going with 3/4" stock for both pieces, it must work. Set the jig setting and the drill bit for the stock you are drilling into. and then you may have to select the screw for the stock you are attaching to. Also, careful when driving the screw in the pocket hole, don't over-drive the screw (must stop at the shoulderf in the screw hole). Anybody else have any ideas?

Re-check the depth you are drilling. I believe you are to deep.

...yes, 'depth' is key and don't over-drive the screws. As well, do check your stock sizes. I think I'll write a blurb on the "anatomy of a pocket hole" for Kreg to publish, it would help all

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