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Any idea when this will start shipping through Amazon? Looks like a perfect replacement for the Black and Decker Workmate that I cuss at every time I use it.

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I agree about picking it up and carrying it very far, just awkward. Luckily, I only have to move mine 10 or 15 feet in my garage, but moving it very far wouldn't be very easy.

I was doing some work on mine earlier today. Another thing I like is that the dogs/pegs actually fit in the holes on the top. Certainly not the case with the B&D.

With a little jiggering and some scrap boards, you can make the included bench clamp into a sort-of vise. I'm liking it.

For those who have been able to use the bench clamp and the mobile station, how well can one align two boards to be flush on the surface (considering equal dimensions) when joining with pocket screws? More specifically, is the surface of the table flat enough to obtain a flush joint, when putting together a face frame for example?


I haven't used it yet with pocket holes, but I just took a look at mine, with that in mind. I think it would work fine, with the following considerations:

The two table "flaps" are what I would call acceptably flat unto themselves. The metal center rail that runs through the center, and what you slide the bench clamp into, introduces a bit of a problem if the boards you're joining would span that. If the joint you're making is all clamped to one table flap or the other, it should be fine.

Another possibility, I guess, would be using one large piece of plywood or MDF to cover both flaps, with the bench clamp positioned to one side of it.

Great response, Nick.  It is much appreciated.

Given the size of some of my upcoming projects, I do not think one flap would be enough.  I will need to look into some real table options.

Thank you again.

You can hook 2 together Steven.

If you liked the Black and Decker this blows it away.

Getting two makes the most sense to me.

I made a change to my handles I use  to pick the unit up the 5/16 nuts are to small in the track  they just spin unless you pull real tight on thumb screw. What I did was use a  1 1/2  1/4 twenty thumb screw instead 5/16 but a nut used what I call a barrel bolt. Here is a picture of modification and a picture of my kreg jig connected to my kreg work station.
Gary roofner said:

The mobile work center had problem no place pickup and carry. Here is my solution . We have a Value home center they sell these handles in packs of 2 for $2 that couple of scrapes of poplar 4  thumb screws 5/16 the hex nuts. I bought should have been the square nuts . I haven't replaced the nuts yet.


Here are the photos  I meant to add to my previous post on the subject of handles I added.  My arms are short and I can't reach up and over to grab the provided handle. Picture were not there a minute ago.


Actually I watch the video closer and tried the handle provide on the project and it was easier . My handles  gives a good forearm workout. The one arm using the provided hand hole  is natural and more comfortable.

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