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Has anyone snapped the tip of an HD drill bit yet? I noticed one complaint on Amazon. I am curious if there have been more or is this an isolation event.

I have drilled about 35-40 holes into standard dimensional lumber. This 2 x 10 was a little on the heavier side but I did not think I would snap a bit.

One thus plus side the joints I have screwed have been incredibly strong unfortunately the bit does not seem to be.

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This just happened to me today. I've been drilling through maple for my projects and today the tip broke off leaving me stranded. I was really shocked to have experienced this. I have contacted kreg and am just waiting for their response.

I'm on my 3rd bit now. It's fairly frustrating.

I have broke several of the bits tips on my k5 jig . I just ordered a hd set up have to drill a bunch of hardwood I hope I don't have a problem I didn't order extra bits

I'm on my third bit the first snapped mid bit the second the tip snapped and at $15 a bit that it has cost me as much as it would if I had purchased an unfinished entertainment stand. OK I do have to admit I purchased high quality wood and the pre-built wood cabinet was press board so the comparison isn't really relevant but the extra $45 and time involved back and forth to HomeDepot made it a bit frustrating and then took an extra week completing the build. I used Red Oak plywood and boards.

Since this thread has become active again I figured I would provide an update. It's be 4 yrs now and I haven't broke another bit. I switched from using an 18V Ridgid to a corded Milwaukee and make sure the drill is up to speed before plunging it into the wood.

I'm still using one of my cordless, Skil 2898 or Kobalt K18LD (both are 18V) have not had any issues with either the normal bit or the micro bit (I do have a back-up for the normal bit, but have yet to use it).  I don't have the HD.  I've used it for many different hardwoods and plywood.  It will face its toughest challenge with the project I'm working on now.  I'll need to join some hickory using my Kreg Micro. I don't expect any issues.

Never once did I have an issue with the normal bit or micro bit using my cordless...just on the HD. I just thing the HD is too much for some cordless drills. My 18V Ridgid is from 11-12 yrs ago. I still use the cordless on the normal and micro bits when I am too lazy to plug in.


No issues with the Kreg HD.

Built a 2x12 raised garden for my family 279 screws and the wood bit just kept on cutting.

These boards were recycled from a retail store teardown lots of glue and screws to remove.

I have and it was basically because I was trying to go to fast. My fault.

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