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Has anyone snapped the tip of an HD drill bit yet? I noticed one complaint on Amazon. I am curious if there have been more or is this an isolation event.

I have drilled about 35-40 holes into standard dimensional lumber. This 2 x 10 was a little on the heavier side but I did not think I would snap a bit.

One thus plus side the joints I have screwed have been incredibly strong unfortunately the bit does not seem to be.

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Worked beautifully on the mdf I used it on. Drilled about 40 or so holes in 3.5" material for a work bench table, and I wasn't trying to be careful in any way. The only damage encountered was to the table (user error unfortunately). The bit held up perfectly, and was ready to tackle more.

-- Cheers!

I wouldn't expect any issues with the strength of the bit in MDF. The real question is where did you find 3.5" thick MDF?

To be clear...especially for the response that has been deleted...

The bit was not dropped on to the cement. I had just finished drilling holes in my second piece of wood and moved onto the third (cut from the same stock) and it snapped on the first hole.

I have drilled about 2000 holes with the regular bit without issue (probably can use some sharpening) and about 100 holes with the micro jig bit without I am not sold that this was operator error.

Thanks for the feedback on our new HD Kreg Jig. With each new product that we launch at Kreg, we take care with the testing and quality. If you or anyone else is seeing issues with this product or any Kreg Products, please contact our customer service department for assistance. They can be contacted in the following ways:


Community: KregCS


Phone: 1-800-447-8638


The HD drill bit tip should not break through normal use; if this has happened please let us know and a replacement will be sent. To get the best life out of all Kreg Drill bits (HD, Kreg Jig, or Micro) the following best practice is recommended from our Customer Service Department.

  • Use a 2000 RPM drill
  • Place drill bit in drill guide and get it to full speed prior to touching wood


Thanks again for the feedback and if you have additional questions or comments please feel free to contact me (KregRep) or KregCS.




Thanks. I'm not as concerned with a replacement for the broken one as I am with just understanding if others have experienced the same and if I should grab a couple extras so I am not down...or if there have been a lot of incidents just sitting back and waiting before I buy any more.

I am going to guess that most people on this forum who are using a hand drill, corded or cordless, aren't getting much more that 1500 RPM from their drill in a no load condition - I could be wrong. Perhaps the HD bit just needs that extra oomph so maybe I need to upgrade.

I will state again that the joints are rock solid and could have benefited from the HD coming out years ago!

I've experienced the tip of a drill bit breaking off---

it was the 3/8'' size.

This happened after the drill bit hit landed on a concrete floor---

hmmm-strange ocurrance, that's never happened before.

It must have hit or landed at the right angle, and with enough force/velocity,

that resulted in a fracture.

I just tossed it out and replaced it.

I drilled about 50 holes last weekend with the HD & did not have any problems, i always use a corded drill for drilling pocket holes, even with my K3. i've found that using a corded drill just drills better holes.  I've got another project this next weekend for the HD, i will be drilling some treated lumber which should really test its strength.



Sorry Joe, I guess I should have been a little more detailed. The thickness was achieved by stacking sheets of mdf together.

-- Cheers!

uglyfatjoe said:

I wouldn't expect any issues with the strength of the bit in MDF. The real question is where did you find 3.5" thick MDF?

I think I will save up for a corded drill...maybe my battery was getting a bit low and I wasn't getting the RPMs. 

@Troy - OK, good thing because next I was going to ask how do you move around a 450 lb 4 x 8 sheet of that stuff :) 

I had the same problem today. I was using the HD jig for the first time. I needed to drill about 50 holes in 2x6 lumber I was using for blocking for cabinets. After drilling about 30 holes, the tip broke off the drill bit, while I was starting to drill a new hole. I bought a spare bit when I purchased my jig, so I switched it out and drilled the rest of the holes.
I have drilled hundreds of holes with the regular sized bit and never had any issues.
I went on line to see if other people had the same problem and I found your post. I will be contacting Kreg for a replacement. Thanks

I picked up another bit at the local Woodcraft and drilled about 45-50 holes yesterday with no issue. At this point I am going to side with possibility that I brought the drill bit into contact with the wood before the drill was up to speed (or spinning). I am using a cordless drill so I also made sure I switched batteries frequently yesterday. I'll switch over to a corded drill when I can.

Thanks KregRep but with this likely being operator error I'll take the loss.

I teach woodworking and I have a private student who is 8 years old. I previously ripped and jointed and planes douglas fir parts for his workbench. 4 x 4  and 2 x 12. My 8 year old student snapped the front part off the drill bit. I assumed that he leant on the bit and put inappropriate pressure on the stepped drill. I had a replacement drill in my toolbox and I chucked it up into my Porter Cable corded drill. Imagine my surprise when, after drilling only 2 pocket holes I broke the smaller stepped part of the drill bit. I know I put no pressure on the bit except up and down. I'm very disappointed as I've got the original drill bit from the aluminum based jig nearly 15 years ago. I'm sending them both back for replacement , but you need to check out the fault in the drills to avoid serious embarrassment.

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