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Does anyone know how to join a miter joint with the kreg tool?  i know how to make a picture frame by putting the screws on the face of the board.  i can use it on butt joints on the inside of the box to hide the screws but i want to miter the corners and still hide the screws.  i can take pics if i need to.

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The pic that is titled with miter - face is the one i know how to do.  the one titled miter - kreg is the one i want to do but hide the screws on the inside not the outside.

You can't do it and have the joint work correctly. You'd be screwing a screw at 21° into a face that sits at 45°. A major portion of the screw would not engage the piece. A better option would be the "- face" photo or the outside, and use plugs to conceal the joint. Or you could select a different option to join the pieces (e.g.: biscuit joint, keyed miter, miter lock, butt joint, etc.).


The jig will work with Mitered cuts but not for a 90 degree corner like you are referring to.  The reason being is that there is not enough material for the screw to hold on to causing it to come through the other side.  Even in using a shorter screw it will not give you the strength needed to have a secure joint.  

When using it for mitered cuts you will need to have one piece be at 90 degrees and your other piece to be at the full angle.  If you go to there is a video entitled Kreg Joinery for Angles and Curves that shows how to do this.  If you have any other questions please let us know.  

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