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My name is Peter. I am from NJ. I have been doing woodworking and home improvement project for some time. I like the Kreg products especially the multi-mark. I own a deck jig, which helped me build a 800 SQ Foot deck and the K5 master system.

I have posted a project on an AC enclosure that I built with the K5 system.



My name is Dave Zimprich. I live in North Prairie, WI. I have been doing woodworking for the last 35 years. Just recently bought a Kreg system and love it. 

Hi my name is George nixon im from Ireland i do small jobs about my town and i got the k5 jig two months ago and has made my job better i am looking forward to lerning more about this jig and getting some tips from you all

kind regards to all

New to pocket hole joining and eager to learn how to make some bookcases for my basement.


My name is Hugh. I live in southeast Kentucky. I have been doing woodworking on and off for a while. I am retired now and have more time to do more projects, and now I have a stand alone garage to turn into a work shop. I have been wanting a Kreg jig for quite a while and finally bought myself one. The reason I joined the community to see what can be built using the kreg jig, and communicate with like minded people.

I'm David from Pittsburgh Pa. originally But my home is in Pensacola Fla. Actually a novice woodworker ,but a retired maintenance man A/C tech. I'm on Facebook and twiter and looking to enjoy my kits.


I just ordered my Kreg K5 Master System. For my first project, I am planning on building a tall rolling Landry Island for my Daughter.

I look forward to searching for ideas here. and appreciate all of the sharing that goes on.


My name is Sonja. I live in Kokomo, Indiana.  I have never used a Kreg jig but I have bought the K4 and the DIY Project Kit.  I plan to build a makeup vanity with drawers and lighted mirror for my daughter's birthday.  This will be a challenging project for me as I have never built drawers before.  I did build a shop table years ago and it turned out really good. I am excited and will appreciate any and all suggestions.  I still have a lot of research to do before I start and her birthday is in 5 weeks.  Hope I have enough time.

Hi, My name is Wil. I live in Trenton Utah. I would consider myself to be an intermediate wood worker and carpenter. My grandfather was a master carpenter and a master cabinet maker from Norway. He taught my father and my father taught me. I have been doing carpentry since I was about 10 years old. I have been doing shelves and simple cabinets since I was 16. When I hit my 30's my dad decided I was good enough to help him build cabinets for his home and few other peoples homes. I worked with him from time to time until he retired a few years ago.

Currently I am remodeling my home. It is a 1927 Craftsman home that has been given no love. I just finished the front room. I hand built wainscoting in my living room then painted and finished it. Everyone who sees it is impressed. The wainscoting has been my biggest project in quite a while. I also laid in new Wood Flooring. The wood flooring is Hickory. My wife wants me to build a new entertainment center, a couple of matching lamp tables and a coffee table. I guess this will be my next project after I finish remodeling. Hopefully the house will be finished this year so I can work on other projects that I have started but not finished. It has been a 10 year project and it is almost finished.

I own several Kreg clamps, pocket jigs and other odds and ends from Kreg. My shop is a mixture of tools that I have bought over the years. I joined because I am always looking for new ideas on different projects that I can build for my family. Since I retired 2 years ago I have lots more time to be in my shop. A place I love to be in.

I thought I would add a couple of pictures of my latest project.

My name is Sal Vacca, 33 yrs old from Moorpark, Ca. I have 3 wonderful kids, 2 boys, age 11 & 5 and 1 Daddy's girl age 8. Wonderful hardworking wife named Ruby. woodworking's become my passion over the last 12 yrs. Started "restoring" furniture 12 years ago by painting a mahogany dresser that was passed down from my grandparents (instead of staining of course). Also, within the first 2 weeks of being a woodworker, to conserve the last four 2x4's I had in my garage. I cut up two full size sheets of 1-1/2" sanded plywood into "2x4 glued halves" that the previous owner of the house had left behind. Duhhh, took me a little over a month to figure out what the heck I had done and over a couple of years to admit it. Anyhow, I'd like to think I've come a long way since those glory days. Through trial and error, respecting safety rules and learning to be patient, I've created and have built great pieces of furniture, that each tell a story and extend the life of the wood. My challenge is learning to become an teacher in the shop to my 3 lovely kids who all love to woodwork and be around dad in the shop..I'll take any advice that'll help me be even more patient! Recently made a stool for my parents newly renovated kitchen, which I'll post a pic of as soon as I can.
Hi All,
I'm Rae and I'm from Perth in Western Australia and I'm new to the Kreg world. I was an only child so my dad wanted to make sure as a female I was able to do anything I needed to - something I thank him for :) We've just moved into our first home after years of living in our apartment with no play room so hubby and I are looking forward to plenty of fun projects. He just bought me a K3 Pocket Hole Jig Promo Kit, which I'm stoked he did as they seem to have taken it off the retailers site now, so score! I hope any questions I might ask don't seem completely stupid but I've always said the silly question is the one you don't ask :)

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