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Hello everyone, My name is Rhonda and I'm from Houston Tx ! I  recently started  going to thrift stores and I started noticing old furniture that was there week after week just gathering dust. It seemed that everyone else didn't see what I saw, I started getting excited imagining all the different possibilities for each piece I saw. I've gotta admit  that I did go a bit over board in the beginning and ended up with a garage full of old furniture! I didn't realize it was a "problem" until my husband brought it to my attention that his car no longer fit in there! So I started to refurbish each piece & when I was done I put them on Craigslist, and they actually started  buying them! I never planned on this becoming a way to make extra income but with having 5 kids I'm definitely NOT complaining, and either is my husband now! lol!

Hi all ..... Just purchased my first Kreg product ... K5MS. My first project is a set of book shelves. They will be a 90 degree set along adjoining walls.
Are there any current plans available that can help with dual shelves at 90 degrees to each?
Thanks for your support.
Punta Gorda, Fl

My name is David.

I've never made or used a pocket hole before. I've been installing cabinets for about a year and now I'm also setting up a cabinet shop. I bought a K4 jig but haven't had time to try it yet (really busy). The method of building I am going to use will require a lot of pocket holes.

I had a lumber drying and machining business a few years ago supplying local cabinet shops. I've also been a professional welder, ran heavy equipment, worked on farms, drove a truck for 4 million miles, and a few other things.

I'm a workaholic. 100+ hours a week was not unusual a few years ago. 70 or 80 is more my speed now.

David once you start using pocket screws it opens up a whole new world of design for cabinets.  

Hey, Y'all

                 I'm Jim, a Florida boy who has lived in Iowa most of his adult life. 40+ year Master mechanic in 5 disciplines.

Only recently got into woodworking when I found pretty much a shopfull of machinery for sale for almost nothing. It all needed work, maintenance, proper setup, cleaning.

Have only built a few things, most of my joy so far has been in the rehab of the machines. Am beginning to wonder if this isn't my niche, rather than the actual working of wood.

I don't seem to have the knack for making precise - looking joinery despite the machines all being set up *perfectly* by the manuals.

Am going to give it a few more tries - have found that I do far better work in hardwoods than in pine, for some reason, and that is encouraging.

Bought my Kreg Jigs in a pawn shop - had seen them used by Steve on Woodworking For Mere Mortals, though I hear that Kreg doesn't sponsor him - they should - he reaches a LOT of people and his projects are within reach of beginners and makes them want to stretch their skills a bit. Useful stuff for average folks.

Anyway, when I've proven the Kreg tools' usefulness to myself, I'll likely buy more - am pretty interested in the circular saw guide and the variety of clamping options.

Later Gators,


I am Dan from Utah and live in Roy I love to build and what can I say, I have saw dust in my viens. I usually think of what I want to build and the plans are in my head so I build to match them.

hello my name is Steve and i'm new to craft building but I've rebuilt my sun room, back room and bathroom but those were all large big rooms. i started out with building a new snake cage for my 9'4" red-tail and basically all I've done were cages because i know i can do them and do them well. I have recently purchased three different kreg tools, kreg k4 master, rip tool and pin hole and I'm going to try and build a canopy bed. I can wait.

Hi i'm Lorenzo, I live in Orange County California. I'm a novice wood worker, i took four years wood shop all through high school but its been awhile since then. I discovered Kreg Tools on Pinterest. Bought the 4 and Rip cut. still wondering what i'm gonna build.  

Steve here in the land down under, Innisfail QLD. In the process of creating a back yard shed to play in. Jack of all trades master of none bought the K5 system next thing ya know here I am looking forward to picking brains when needed.

So hi everyone and thanks Kreg Tools for the site.

Welcome Steve.

Hope you enjoy the site and build something  nice in your Yard shed.

Hi Steve. I'm here on Russell Island near Brizzy. Seems heaps of us have the good old Kreg system.

Thanks all I'm not sure who I'm talking to. I think it's Roger on Russell Island but it might be Robert in Brissy. I thank you both for the welcome. I'll try to get a profile picture up soon.
Cheers Steve

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