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Hello everyone. Newbie here.

Cheers, Larita!

Larita P Willaims said:

Hello everyone. Newbie here.

Hello there! My name is Sebastian and I live in Cordoba, Argentina.

I have been into woodworking for almost 3 years, and it's both a therapy and help in the house. I recently bought a Kreg R3 but I'm strugling with purchasing the screws. I just got the chance to request some to a friend that is travelling in the US, but it sucks to have to use the drywall ones.

I'll post the pocket joinery projects as soon as I have them, thank you for adding me to the community!

Hello, My name is Larry Grimes. I'm a retired aircraft electrician. I moved from Oregon back to Missouri to the farm that I was raised on. I built a dome home from a kit here on the farm. I recently bought a Kreg K4 pocket hole jig, it works great. So I guess I've got the bug and doing a few simple projects to start with. I'm still a beginner though. That is why I here to learn what I can.

Hi, Joe Fleming here.  Born and raised in Des Moines, IA, but have lived in San Diego, CA for 31 years.  Studied engineering at Iowa State.  

I started out as a flat woodworker, but have been primarily a woodturner for almost 20 years.  I'm doing some carving now too. 

I have a project right now to build some partitions with plywood that can be disassembled once a year, and pocket hole joinery seems like a good solution.  That's why I'm here.  Joe

Double reply.  Sorry.

Roy Coulman said:

Hi, Jerry.  I hope you've been getting lots of use out of your K3 jig in the past year.

About the sandpaper problem, I've gone through that as well.  I used to have a small sign shop and made lots of signs out of Plexiglas, usually 1/8" or 1/4" thick.  After cutting the blanks to size on a panel saw or table saw, I would sand the edges smooth and slightly round the sharp edges and corners to prevent cuts.  I used a router and router table occasionally, but it left the edges as sharp as a knife and they still needed some sanding.  So my tool of choice was a drywalll sander with a large comfortable handle and a thin foam pad under the paper.  You can imagine how those sharp edges cut into the sandpaper, leaving it in shreds while the grit was still good.

Like you, I got fed up with the waste and looked for something to keep the backing intact.  Packing tape was the answer.  Plain ordinary carton packing tape.  I covered the back of the sheets with it, slightly overlapping the strips as I went.  That proved to be the answer.  The paper didn't shred at all and I was able to use each sheet until the grit was gone, far longer than the uncoated sheets used to last.  Hopefully this solution will work for you.  Roy.

This message was a reply to Jerry Gilles' message posted on June 1, 2016, on Page 216.  I don't know how it wound up at the bottom of this list.  Sorry.

Hi, My name is Gabe and I live at Bacchus Marsh, Australia. I have been woodworking for a few years and have been a fan of Kreg gear for a little while now. I have joined the community to source ideas and projects to keep me busy. I am also looking forward to meeting fellow woodworkers to share experiences and to have a good old chat. I have recently built a new work bench to fit in my small shop and will post a picture of it. 

Hope to see you out there!

Another Australian...

I was a welder till a shoulder injury put me out to pasture 20 years ago.

I have way too many Bosch tools and my Kreg router table arrived today with a Triton router to join my 240v Foreman. Takes me longer to do things and the heavy lifting has to be worked around.

Toyed with the idea of a saw horse 2 x 4 rail workbench that I could move around to free up shed space when needed till I realised I wasn't going to be able to lift the top off. Found something on youtube that might solve that problem.

My name is Dale and I live in northeast Arkansas. I've been woodworking for about a two years however at present my time is limited as I have become primary caregiving for my wife's parents but I am setting up a few projects, getting material and equipment I need for these projects. Hope to get back to woodworking soon. And get a chance to use some of the new tools I am getting

I know where you are coming from Dale. I am caregiver for my wife's dad and also my wife whom is disabled. It is a fulltime job, but I do find a little time here and there to lose myself in my wood shop. Family comes first, but we also have to take care of ourselves!

Have a Great Day

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