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Hi, thanks for adding me to your world of woodworking. I live in Quebec Canada and have doing woodworking off and on for the last 30 years. Now that I'm am retired I have lots more time to get back into woodworking. I just purchased the Kreg 4 master jig yesterday and already have it up and running. I have a kitchen Island to build for a friend and a small cabinet and once they are built I'll post some pics.

Hi, my name is Rick and I live in Southeastern Wisconsin.  I have a custom services business.  I build custom items and provide a wide range of repair and maintenance services to residential and commercial customers. Most of my wood working projects use traditional joinery and glue.  Recently I was asked to build some custom storage units for basement alcove.  I am planning to use pocket screw joinery to construct these storage units and to build out several storage and organization items for my new shop.  I felt the Kreg system would lend itself to more modular type designs, quicker assembly and lower cost basis for this type of work.

My concern is how strong of a structure this method will offer and hope to learn proper pocket joinery design and assembly methods that yield high strength.

I own the Kreg K4 Master kit and the micro joinery set.

Guitar stand I recently built for a college student using traditional joinery and a few fasteners to allow for disassembly when moving.

Hey there!
My name is Janice. I live in West Point, Utah (30 mi. north of Salt Lake). I am a college professor and novice woodworker. I am a DIY blogger on my spare time. My favorite tool is the K4 my hubby got me 2 years ago. Since then I've been experimenting with wood building and I am hooked. I look forward to getting to know you all and learning more! I blog at
and share tutorials of everything I build. My most popular project are my 2x4 barstools
Thanks for reading!!

Hello, My name is Ken, I live in Columbus Ohio. I've done a little woodwork over the years, got a Kreg Jig and plan to do more

Hey Ken from Columbus, I built this for a big fan.

Hallo, I come from Germany and I hope you can understand my english :). It is not so perfect and I think some grammar is wrong.

So, the Kreg Jig is not very common here in Germany and I saw it on youtube and thought: boah, I have to test it. But that was the first hurdle (?) for me. Wher to buy it. I found some shops and I ordered a R3. But the second hurdle: the screw. For the table I need 2 1/2 ". Oh, inch an German. Metric system and inch. I´m not a friend of inch. So the calculator is my best friend :). And next step: build a workbench with kreg jig:)and hope to get a lot of tips here.

Greetings Michael,

Your english is much better that my german, in spite of the fact I spent 14 months in Bavaria in the sixties working for my Uncle Sam. Enjoyed your country very much!

I'm just now buying some metric tools, but still haven't found a tape measure showing both metric and inches yet.

I used my kreg jig to stick some boards together and was very happy with the results.


hello my name is joe and i am from anderson indiana  i picked up my kreg jig a little over a month a go and i love it . i am building a cabnit for our bathroom useing pine slats they give me from work . my brother told me the other day that when i told him i was going to do this he thought yea right. but now he sees that its really nice and told me i need to build other stuff to . and i have a friend that wants me to build one for her and also a bed for her. i have my work cut out for me . all this from showing some pics of what im building. im also useing a torch on the wood a thing i seen my grt grandpa do one time when i a kid . he was a carpenter by trade and i think hed be proud of me and what im building . the only thing is im having a hard time finding plans i find pics but i cant find plans to go off of can any one help me  with what im doing wrong? 

My name is Mark Buono.  I am a Network Engineer living in Arizona.  I am an Army Veteran.  I have a basic collection of power tools and work out of my garage or backyard. I consider myself to be a novice.  Interested in Backyard projects.  I have a large yard and would like to make it more enjoyable. 

Here is my last project... a quick Blanket Ladder for my Bride.

Greetings fellow woodworkers;
My name is Bob (with one ooh) and I am from Cadillac, MI which is very close to the 45th parallel in the lower peninsula.  I am a retired computer and database administrator who has been building an inventory of quality woodworking tools and using them to build mostly personal belongings.  My inventory includes a Hegner scroll saw, Bosch SCMS, Bosch table saw, three Bosch routers, P/C Biscuit Cutter, Delta 13" Planer, 16 speed drill press, and many other assorted power and hand tools along with many custom jigs that I've made.  I just purchased the Kreg PRS1040 precision router table to replace a much older one that I had purchased from Eagle America which I found was giving me great difficulty setting up for cutting Lock Miter joints.  I am hoping this new table overcomes those difficulties.
My most recent project which I started last December is a Quilt Rack for my wife.  This project was interrupted when I accidentally stuck my left index finger in the path of my table saw blade giving new meaning to "Red Oak".  I thank the Lord I did not lose any bone.


Sorry about your injury!  Looks pretty nasty!

You are light years ahead of my skills.  I look forward to growing as a woodworker, while keeping my digit inventory at a full 10 and 10.

Your quilt rack looks incredible.


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