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Jay Boutwell said:

John It is true that are all supposed to be adults here however there are minors who visit this page and the use of such words is totally out of context with woodworking.  It only takes one time for this type of language to become expectable thing here on this community.  My point is that if you wish to use that type of language then that is your business but it does not belong in a print where some do not appreciate it.  It may not offend you and it does not offend me but I am looking at the fact that many may not like it and yet is more or less pushed on them.  It does nothing to explain anything on here and is not exceptable in everyone's vocabulary.  If we are respectful adults we should understand this.  So your comment telling me to grow up, well maybe you should apply that comment to your self.  Working in the field of woodworking does not mean that it needs to be used like I have pointed out.  I too have been in the business for better that 20 years and so far I have yet found a need to use foul language to the total world that reads this, to explain something that is  pertaining to woodworking.    So you think that one time is no big deal well now with you printing  it twice, that makes it used 4 times.   So when is the number going to be a big deal and what words will become big deals to you.  What it does is make it expectable and makes the use of vulgarity a common thing and sets an example until you see vulgarity on a regular basis. If we are adults we should set and an example and find other words that are not offensive to others. true. Good witty comment Wendy - despite all of the adversity it seems to have caused. Love the sense of humour.
Wendy Ratcliff said:

Terminology difference? What terminology difference?  'Oh shit' is universal isn't it?  Good luck with your projects!  I'm taking some time off due to tennis elbow from changing the hose on my dust extractor one too many times.  'Oh Shit'......

OMG Pam - I thought that one had been put to bed already, but great to hear you enjoyed it!!!!  Like I said, that is the most feedback I have had despite posting pictures of my fabulous miter saw table creation a few months ago - here's a shot of the table surface after I finished the artwork which guides placement of the miter saw.  Yes, I even gave my little enterprise a name - 'Divine Wood Art'!  Welcome to the site and I'm sure you will get a lot of great advice and tips.  Nice to have a fellow Canadian on board!

Hi, my name is Jim and I live in south central Michigan.  I come from a long line of woodworkers, especially in the marine area.  I just recently purchased a Kreg pocket joinery jig and I am very anxious to use it.  I am looking to see what kind of projects the members have done and I am ready to get started.  My first project will probably be a potting station for my wife.  

My name is Lyndon, from a fringe suburb south west of Sydney. I have joined this forum, and bought some Kreg tools, to get more out of life after selling my PITA transport business to go into battle with cancer. I won that battle but my body, in the changes after a massive operation, consumed itself for a year to the point where I am now 33 kgs (72lbs) lighter than I was when I got sick. Working on some woodwork projects, and my garage, and my toy (2000 Jaguar XJR) is where I want to go now that I can only work part time. Got some more Kreg parts today and will be looking to use them soon.

Hello, I am Clifton. I live in sunny Barbados and I spent most of my working life around either fast cars or airplanes. I am now retired and fortunately I purchased many tools along the way but seldom had the chance to use them for the many projects in my head. I now have that time and so I also found that we never have enough space for the tools we the journey begins...purchased a k4 and k5 kit.

Hi, my name is Allyn and I live in Canton, Michigan. I am retired and took up woodworking when my daughter asked me to build her 2 Adirondack chairs. I bought a plan and they turned out so well that I have made her 2 more chairs and I have made 10 more for friends. One of my friends asked me to design a wine rack and I recently finished building that all with Kreg pocket screws. I recently bought the mini for tight places and repairs and a shorter bit to get into tight places. My latest project involves another wine rack using live edge lumber. .


My name is Troy, I live in Southern GA and I joined the Kreg Owners Community to get possible ideas and help if needed in future projects. I am very new to woodworking but really enjoy it. I have seen commercials about the Kreg pocket hole jigs and thought they were a neat product. I had a project I needed to do and decided to use the pocket hole jig for the job. It was fantastic. My project was a little crude, but it does the job and is very sturdy.

I am a committee member of the Monash Men's Shed Melbourne Australia (we are on facebook).

I look forward to being able to contribute to the Kreg community as we go forward from.

Many thanks!!


Good day to you all, I'm Richard, Originally from Australia, living in sunny Iowa ( I know what you're think and don't ask lol), I've got carpentry in my blood steming back 5 generations, I missed my calling but still have fun building large and small projects, I never had issue with screwing wood together at angles but kreg's pocket hole jig made it a whole lot easier and fun, I tackled my first project this past weekend, outdoor chairs and table ( Pic posted) and had fun doing it.
I look forward to seeing what everyone is doing and am happy to help and have no problem asking for assistance when needed.

Well I am Frank from North Carolina and decided to build a work shop so when I retire in a few years I can have some fun again doing woodworking. Have not had the chance to do any in several years due to working conditions and other hobbies "HAM RADIO". So getting back into wood working will be my new past time along with radio. Will be asking questions as I go along and I really like the Kreg tools. Makes life much easier. Got a lot of projects I want to do so hopefully I can keep all of you posted.

Hi, my name is Jeannie Buechele and I am from Phoenix, Arizona I am a newbie to building and KregJig got me started. It gives me satisfaction when I build something for my home and am looking forward to building a kitchen table next for my family :)

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