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There were so many things affecting my life of which the worse was losing my job at Wal-Mart after 14 years. I was depressed and not sure what I was going to do, but I knew I would have to move out of my house and find a cheaper place to live.So not knowing what my future had in store for me, I decided to leave the Community until I could one day rejoin after getting settled in a new place.

My nephew had always told me if I wanted to retire and take it easy, we could move to Florida as he has family (nephews, nieces) and lots of friends near Tampa. So I told him if he still wanted to move to Florida then now is the time.

So we drove down to Florida and started looking for a cheap mobile home to move in. We found one in Gibsonton, FL for $150 a week and went ahead and put down a security deposit and 2 weeks rent. Outside my bedroom window I can see a saltwater outlet leading to the ocean. I can now fish from my back yard or drive right down the road (US Highway 41) to Williams Park and fish off the pier. Yesterday we went to Lake Thonotasassa for a barbecue, boating, tubing and fishing. A good friend of my nephew's invited us to join him and family for the day.

My nephew has a job working with his friend and as for me, I have money coming from Belk's and Walmart that will help us out, plus in one year I will be able to apply for social security benefits, which means I may not have to go back to work.

I will send some pictures soon, plus we are going to build another shed to store our tools in and for me to get back to woodworking. I am very happy to be back on my feet, I feel really good and most of all am delighted to be back online with you all.

Now I need to go see what you all have done in the past 3-4 weeks and get back on track

Thank you,

James :)

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So sorry to hear of your misfortunes.

Happy to hear that you've found something,

and hope you like it and it works out for you.

Sometimes--- things just work out for the better.

Hang in there---

keep the faith---

someone ''above'',

is keep an eye, hopefully both eyes, on you.

Hope your health is well.

Glad to see you back on line.

Thanks Ken!

I would like to think besides "His" eyes looking down on me, I have hundreds more from family and friends who are also keeping "an eye" out for me.

I was wondering about you James.  Now I know.  I'm sorry to here you lost your job.  If you don't want to work full time, you might find a part time job to supplement your income.  We're sorry for your trouble, but we're glad your back.


George Hamm


Welcome back old man and remember some time's shit happens to good poeple and there is nothing we can do about it or as my grand father would say it isnt hal you fall it's hal we rise above it or somthing like that he was did talk in riddle's. good to see you back. 

Sounds like you are doing well James, glad to hear it. Keep your spirits up and be grateful and all will be fine. Have fun in Florida.

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