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How do edit your post after you've submitted it?


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Hi - Short answer is you don't, at least not after 15 minutes. If revisit the post withing 15 minutes of posting there will be an "Edit" icon available along with a time counter indicating how long you have left. After that, If you want it deleted you can ask a mod to delete it. If you simply want to make a correction, make a new reply.

Hi Da Bull,  I fiddel with computer alot, but the easy way isbeat  the 15 min clock, like John said.   You have 15 minutes to edit your comments.  There is a method I use.   If you wrote it it will be on your page .  Go to your page and go to item you wish to edit.  Place mouse pointer on the article and to the right side of the article you will see a small "x".  To edit it without totally removing it cut and paste it into your computer memory.    (with mouse start the curser at the bottom and left click holding the mouse button down drag it across the entire article.  It should be turning blue.  Once it is all blue  Hold the control button on the key board hold it down and then press the "c" key.  This copied it to memory.   Now go back to the "x" you saw beside the article and left click the mouse button.   This should erase it from your page as well as from the page where you posted it.  Go back to the page where you had made the post and then paste it back into the post by  left clicking the mouse button on the area to where you wish to post and once the curser is blinking there, push and hold down the control button (ctrl) and then push the "v" key.  This should copied it back back from the memory and since it is a like a new writing before it was entered you should then be able to make your corrections and the post it again.

I have not yet checked to see it was removed from the persons page of whom the post was intended but i do know it is a method of redoing a post without totally rewritting it after the 15 minute clock had locked it.

I also know that you can remove anything from your page that you do not like by this method and is a way I removed the nasty girls comments back when we were having the spam stuff stuck on our pages.  Could you imagine your wife seeing this so this is why I started messing with the computer on this site. 

I know the posting site is different that an e-mail as once e-mail is sent it no  longer in your control.  Here I know you have control of what is on your page and some control on what you write.  One method I use frequently to write is as follows.   I am always having to leave the kreg site with the computer for another task.  If I  had been writing a post or comment and had not yet posted it and leave  once you return the post is gone and you have to redo it. To avoid this I will do the following.

I  use the note pad and write the entire comment and then using the cut paste method will copy and past it in to the apporiate place where I wish to comment.  Sometimes I will use an e-mail page write it there and when finished,  send it to my self  and then cut paste it into the post.  I hope this is helpful and not confusing. Don't know if your computer is differnt than mine but i have multiple computers using both windows 7 and also windows Xp and they all work the same for me.  Have a great day.

Thanks for all your help!!

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