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I'm new to Kreg, so bear with me please. I'm planning to start with a dollhouse for my children. It's designed 'playscale' (also known as 6:1 or Barbie size). As I don't have a lot of room or tools, I've tried to keep it simple. I plan to have the pieces cut at a lumberyard, as I don't have a table saw. Smaller cuts like cutting out the corners of the floors or putting in doors and windows I'll do myself, probably with a jigsaw. I've outlined my plan in the attached image, but it's all theoretical.

What I don't know is if I'll be able to join all the pieces I plan to with the Kreg K5 (I have the micro guide). There is a lot of joining of 5/8" pieces, some 1/2" to 5/8" and some 1/2" to 1/2".

When joining 1/2" to 5/8" (such as joining the floor to the sides, or the bastions to the roof) what is the correct setting and screw size? Can those connections even be done? What about the walls and floors (both 1/2" and connected perpendicularly), can those be connected with the K5, or do I need another joining method for those?

I would greatly appreciate any help. Besides the above questions if someone could take a look at the plan below and see if there are any other practical design mistakes, I would be grateful to have them pointed out. Thanks.

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Hi Philip.  I have not used the micro jig myself but one thing I have noticed with the normal jig is that trying to cut a pocket hole in something 1.5 inches wide doesn't work as it cuts into one of the visible edges (mistake made myself!).  I see the corner side pieces you are trying to fit are only 1 3/8 wide.  You may want to check what the minimum width is the micro can cut so you don't end up with part of the edge cut away that would then be visible.  Regards.  Andy

HI Philip , you say you have the micro guide , so you should not have any problems with the 1/2 " boards  and it should work on boards that are 1 " wide !!!  I would try it on some scraps first and check  your collar from time to time to make sure it dose not move , once you get the setting you need !!  Would like to see  some pics. of your build and when it is finished !!!  Happy building and have fun , JIM !!

Just thought I'd post how this turned out. I ended up making it all from 5/8" (16mm) birch plywood, because that's what was easy to get, and the lumberyard did all the cuts for me (I don't have a table saw). So anything in the plan that says 1/2" is actually 5/8" also.

Considering I had never used a Kreg jig or made pocket holes before I think it came out really well. In retrospect a bit more planning could have moved some of the holes to interior sides which would have been better. I forgot to drill holes on the interior of the corners of the two towers, which would have had to be done before gluing the corners together in any case. So to connect the towers I had to drill pocket holes on the bottom exterior of the towers:

Those looking closely might also notice that the pocket holes on the top of the above picture drilled right through the screws from the pocket holes drilled on the other side. I was worried about this, but I think it just took off a small bit of the screws, and the drill went right through them without a problem, and it's all very strong.

Here's a view of the inside of one of the towers:

Yes, two pocket holes per merlon (the squares that are spread out at the top of each tower) is probably overkill for something so small, but I figure this is intended to be played with, so might as well make it as kid-proof as possible.  

The bottom:

Everything (besides the cuts done by the lumberyard) was done with just a drill, a  Kreg K5, some glue, and a jigsaw to cut out the door, window and the corners of the two lower floors. I used a simple B&D work table with about 4 clamps.

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