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A power boat???

What's next OLD SHOES?

What's with the photos of objects that have nothing to do with wood-working, skill building, or the use of KREG tools to build a product?

GEEZ---what's this community sight turning in to?

A popularity contest?

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For what it is worth here's my ten pence worth . I think it would be great for novice woodworkers like me ,to see photos of the different stages of construction of a piece . A visual aid says so much more than words can do . Simple table construction for instance can be very useful for beginners. I have done a couple of projects and showed my build phases in photos ,it really does give people that bit more useful information . Go steady everyone .

Thanks for your input, Michael.  We definitely agree.  It is very helpful when members can capture as many steps of their build process as possible through snapping more pictures.  A single photo is great, but we encourage members to upload their project as an album, and to include as many pictures of the build process as possible.  This really helps others to understand how the piece was constructed, especially if a specific plan was not followed.  Keep up the great discussion everyone!  We really appreciate your feedback.

I missed the start of this discussion, and agree with what has been said already. However, I do have one little bit of additional thought. I also like to see examples of unique projects, those created out of someone's imagination or something out of the ordinary. So even just a picture of the completed project that might inspire someone to try something different is valuable to some of us. Sometimes it isn't the "how to", but the "what to", that people want or need.

Alan , well said , this is what we need on this site , for ( all ) members to voice their thought,s and opinion,s , this will make the site so much better , thanks for your reply and keep coming back and post your projects , JIM !!

Alan thank you for your comment.  I agree with what Jim said.  This site is something that is open to us all and we all should take part in it.  It is the comments that we each make that helps the Kreg Rep and the Kreg Tool Company determine what we want to see happen.  Every comment of a member is important in determing these facts. 

Jim asked you to keep coming back to the community and that is what I am asking of you also.  Please post some project photos here as we need all we can get.  Besure to take photos of the construction phase and even thought you may look at the photos as un-attractive, they are really what we like to see as it is the educational part of woodworking and just as important as the finished product.    Looking forward to seeing your work.

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