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I'm building a chair and a joint I want to add 2 pocket hole too,but my practice pieces it does work the piece meets kinda like a (y).How do I set up the jig? I have the Jr and the K5(I think that's the model,the lever type).I'm trying to drilling pocket holes at a angle.

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Hi what angle are you cutting , how thick are the boards , how wide are they , it should work on either the R3 or the K5, if you have a pic. that would help , JIM !!

the question is how to drill those holes, because it's not a 90.

The connection near B is the issue,I tried straight on and it blows though on the lower part of the connection.tried a clamp on the jr. and the holes totally missed the joint.So i'm not sure where to clamp the jr to get the holes right.boards are 11/2"x 2 1/2" actual size. 


Please get in touch with Kreg Technical Support by calling 800-447-8638 or by emailing They are very knowledgeable and will gladly offer you advice. Thanks, and have a great day!

Hi , I am not an expert or a tec. . but am willing to try to help you , just an old country wood worker !!! Did look at the pic. that you posted   and have made up a test board !!! This is what I came up with , If you are trying to butt join board C to board B , at a 45 degree angle  with your R 3  jig , think this is what you need to do , sending pics. of test board !!!  Boards  are 1 1/2 " x 2 1/2 " , I used  a jig setting of 1  1/2 "  and a bit setting of 1 1/2 "  for the R 3 jig !!  If you measure in from the toe  on the board C  2 3/8 " and line up the  left hand side of you R 3 jig  and clamp it as on the pic.  to drill your holes it should work for you !!  The ones on the pic. are on the out side , but you can do them on the inside and plug them to hide them !  Have also plugged the ones on the out side  in the pics. , just need to trim the one on the left a bit to get a good fit !! If you have any question,s let me know , have a great wood working day , JIM !!

ok that's what I was trying to figure out once I see it,it's easy to see! lol. So one arm is set to 1 1/2" and the other is pressed against the jig? What length screw?

How did you come up with the 2 3/8" is there a formula or just trial and error? I may need this in the future for other widths of wood..

Glad to see  that this has helped you fix your problem , You need to set both arm,s at 1 1/2",  the one on the left is most important, the one on the right just needs to be set the same to make it work !!  I used 2 1/2 " screw,s , which is normal for 1 1/2 "  thick board,s !!!  As far as the 2 3/8 " measurement goes , not a formula , trial and error, it is what we old country wood worker,s call , get it right the second time, tried 2 1/2 " , not happy with that , so we go down 1/8 " at a time till it is correct, # 2 was a winner , HA!!  The best way to do a project if you have this problem is to cut a few extra test board,s to get just what you are looking for in the finished project, scrap,s are cheap finished board,s are not, HA!!  Have a great wood working day  and hope this send,s you in the right direction to finish you chair project , JIM !!!

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