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I hope you guys will be able to help me out here, i have a issue with the Kreg beaded face frame jig and the Kreg table top router table i bought for the jig to use exclusively. It tells me in the instruction manual the track should be 6 to 6.5 inches from the router bit, which it is, but at full extention I am not completely clear of the bit, in the video it shows the fence going to the other side of the router bit, past the point i can reach. Is there some adjustment I am missing.

thank you

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I thought that jig was only for the full sized Kreg router table? I may be wrong, KregRep will probably chime in and let us know for sure.




The Beaded Face Frame System is only designed to be used with the Large Router Table.  The Benchtop model does not have the T-track that is needed to install this system.  Did you modify the table to insert the Combo Track?  If you could let me know I would be able to better assist you. 


yes i had a piece of t track that fit right into the track that was supplied,the holes lined up too-that should have been my first clue.

would it be possible to get a piece of the jig that the handle attaches to about 1 inch longer ,that would be perfect and this nightmare would end    thankyou


What is the distance from the center of your T-trak to the center of your router bit?


what I have done so far is to put in a half inch piece of ply between the jig and the fence, this gives me the added travel I needed to pass over the bit to the point i think it will now completely cut through the wood,also allowing me to still tape the two pieces together without being too close to the bit to start. With the t-track addition and this modification I think this is going to be ok,I have yet to try it tho, but I am still very intrested in a real solution from kreg. When I try it I'll let you know how it went...working for a week now.   thank-you , Ted


My confusion is that if you measure from the front edge of the fence to the center of the placement pin on the base it is exactly 6 1/2".  With this being said, when fully extended the front edge of the fence should reach the center of the bit if this placement is correct.  I was curious if you could send me pictures of the material when it is set up properly and run through.  If this is possible, send me a private message and I can give you my email address.   


After reading your last comment I removed the spacer and started over , I actually tried cutting a piece and found indeed it does cut right through, having never used a jig like this before I wasn't sure. So now the only mod I needed to make was to add  the T track to allow me to use the small table with the beaded face frame jig , also Rockler sells a kit  that would also work with the track that is supplied, (26993 miter slot hardware kit @$7.99)

also the holes that are in the legs of the table are perfect for threading with a 1/4 inch tap which is handy for storing the start pin or bolting on a storage box for the wrenches and center rings

thank you for your help   ted earl

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