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Anyone else get an email from 20/20 research on behalf of Kreg Tool?

Kreg tool, I am not pleased that you shared my email address and my name to a research group for the purpose of a study.  Why did you take it upon yourself to put me into the email address pool of 20/20 research, without my prior permission?  I just re-read the privacy policy, and nowhere on there does it say I will be sent survey requests, for your product (by any third parties).  Here it is verbatim regarding surveys, that I have copied and pasted here for your reference and reminder of your very own privacy policy.


"Communications with Users of the Site"

We may contact you and our customers by telephone, direct mail or e-mail to conduct online surveys, provide information on new products and services, or inform you of special promotions. If you receive an e-mail from us that you do not wish to receive, you may contact and ask us to remove you from our list. Please note that if you do remove yourself from our e-mail list, some e-mail messages may still come to you, although not those dealing with commercial solicitations. For example, we may e-mail you about viruses, or changes to your service, or other types of product advisories.
So, according to your very own privacy policy regarding surveys, it would be YOU contacting me, NOT a third party.  I agreed to the privacy policy, because I believed I would not be thrown to the internet world wolves by having my email and name shared with them.  Now, this email address, that only a few had (you included) has now been thrown to the wolves.  Here comes the SPAM on an otherwise very slow account.  Thanks a whole bunches and thanks for listening.  Your unhappy, (only because my privacy isn't important enough to you), sometime on the forum customer.  Now, 20/20 wants me to Unsubcribe from receiving e-mail about surveys from them.  Why oh Why do I have to UNSUBSCRIBE from something I NEVER subscribed to in the first place?
Here is the email I received with a Header that states
Kreg Tool Needs Your Feedback!
Hello Suzy,

We are conducting a very brief survey, in advance of an online focus group sponsored by Kreg Tool, and would like to include your opinions.

About the Study:
·  WHEN: Friday, February 24th  through Sunday, February 26th, 2017
·  WHERE: Online discussion board, logging in daily and answering questions whenever convenient for you!
·  WHAT YOU'LL GET: If you qualify and are selected to participate, upon completion of the project, participants will receive $50 via Visa Gift card.
·  WHAT ELSE?  Some participants will be invited to participate in a phase 2 to this study. If selected, you could potentially earn up to $300

If you're interested in joining this fun and exciting project, please click the survey link below to answer a few questions that will confirm your eligibility: I removed the link to 'Start the Survey"

If you are selected for this research, a 20|20 representative will call you within 1-2 business days of completing this survey to confirm your information and participation in the study.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. If you have any questions about the legitimacy of this research, or about completing the survey, please feel free to contact 20/20 at

If you do not wish to receive any emails from 2020 Research or Kreg Tool regarding research studies please click the unsubscribe button below!

Emily Jorgenson
Recruiting Coordinator
866-332-3610 EXT 260
Edit #2
If I wanted to be a part of a paid survey group I would have signed up myself, I am so angry that you would do this to me.
Here is the link to that, may as well make it easy for you.

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Hello Suzy, 

Within our Privacy Policy, it states:

Information Shared with Third Parties
Unless otherwise stated at the time of collection, we do not generally sell or disclose personally identifiable information provided to us to any third parties (other than business partners of the Company and third party vendors retained by the Company).

We have partnered with 2020 Research in the past, and are working with them again to complete a research study. To avoid receiving any future emails from 2020 Research or Kreg Tool regarding research studies, please click the "unsubscribe" button within the email. 

If you have any further concerns, our Market Research Manager is always happy to field any questions: or 515-597-6420. 


Thanks for the response, however, what you post in return has nothing to do with your Survey policy posted on your site.  I posted it verbatim, so I still stand in the same position as I was already in.  My name and my email address were shared with 20/20 without my permission.  That survey company does paid surveys, to those who sign up and want to be paid, now I am signed up for preliminary info.  Your company put me in this position to fight for my information not to be sold by 20/20, because that is what they do.  It's a shame, doesn't matter if I unsubscribe or not.   Unsubscribe I am.

I also need to make a point of this.

The email I received came from

Which happens to be this company

So, I am already on the way to continual spam from every imaginable sales company there is.

Just to clarify, 2020 Research sent the emails (to a very small subset of our Kreg Community) at our request for a one-time effort only, with the purpose of locating a wide variety of DIY wood project builders to participate in a market research study. In other words, we did not sell any emails; rather, 2020 is providing us a service. (SurveyGizmo is the software platform merely used to collect responses.) Neither 2020 nor SurveyGizmo is authorized to use these emails for any future efforts, as is typical for market research companies, and will destroy the data file once the study is completed.


If you were one of the few contacted, and do not care to participate in this effort, you can simply ignore the email. Or as an alternative - you may click on the “unsubscribe” button and you will not be contacted again for this or any future Kreg sponsored research.


If you have any further concerns, our Market Research Manager is always happy to field any questions: or 515-597-6420.

I absolutely agree with you, nobody should share your information without your prior consent, it's all very well to say "ignore the mail" but now they have your information, very poor practice by Kreg.

While I dont like having my info shared, I did sign up as I could use that 50/300 dollars towards a new tool :)

So Suzy, what's really bothering you???? you know what your search engine provider sells??? My goodness, it's a simple survey so Kreg can use that information to better their products, and offer new products that we may be requesting......seems you're just a peeved person in general....just my two cents, don't worry, I won't sell your information.

although I prefer that my email is not shrared I also did not have to do the survery simple erase it.  If I start getting emails repeatedly  will deal with it at the time Thank you

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