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I was just wondering if anyone was having the same issues that I am.  I have tried over and over to order accessories like screws and clamps on  Customer service cant order what i need.  They are limited in what they can order for us. cant order anything for us other than the jig itself.  I have to say I am more than a little pissed off.  I have called all the #'s that they have gien me and they all seem ignorant as to what I need to do.   PLEASE,  some one help me.  I have lots of furniture ideas, and I cant even build them because I cant get the stuff I need.   I tried but the site will not let me finish the order.  GETTING READY TO THROW SOMETHING!!!!!!!!

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The blue store sells screws and supplies. I have not tried to order on line.

Hi Wayne - Sorry to hear about your issue. To tell the truth, I've never tried ordering anything directly from Kreg.  I've gotten most of my screws from McFeeleys or off eBay vendors. I did score a bunch of blue-cotes a month or so ago when Sears had them for 50% off with a trial on free shipping. I don't use anywhere near the number of screws called for in the Kreg plans either though. I'll go through the plan and use dados or rabbets for most of the joints. I mean, when a chair calls for over 100 screws I start looking at alternatives and I can run some dados or half laps in much less time than drilling and patching all the holes.

Dont waste your time with so many places check out this store here in Washington.Fast turnaround and great selection of any tool you need

I order the screws from Amazon; they are a fair price, and free shipping if you order $25 or more.  Amazon also stocks the clamps and other accessories.


I got a box of 2000 2.5" screws and a box of 1000 1.25 screws that should last me a couple of years.  Ordering in that quantity, the price is only a few cents per screw.


Sorry for your troubles. is the ordering site for our TV infomercial - the phones there are monitored by a third-party company with limited knowledge about Kreg and access to only a very small number of accessories to sell. This phone number and site is only advertised through our infomercial for exactly this reason. on the other hand should have everything we sell in-stock and ready to order. It sounds like the online ordering process was acting up a bit for you - if you call our customer service team they'll get it fixed and help you finalize your order: 1-800-447-8638. Don't worry, we'll get this figured out.


Alternatively, you can also order screws/clamps from other online stores like Amazon, Woodcraft, Rockler, (and many others as the other members here will tell you) All of them should have most of our products in stock. I hope this information is helpful. I'm sorry you had such a frustrating experience so far - we'll do what we can to ensure it doesn't happen in the future.

Gerald, try this site you will not be disappointed.  online catalogue go to cabinet making  supplies and scroll down to the picture of a screw.  They are excellent screws and on sale at this time.  Free shipping as well.


I just use pine for most of my work so I use sheet rock screws. They have worked fine so far.
Go to Lowes

I dont know about the lowes you guys have local to you, but my lowes (3 of them) only stock a very limited variety of screws, and nothing larger than a 50 piece box.

I went to one of my Home Depots and asked them to special order me a 250 count of 2 1/2 inch blue-kote screws cause I didnt want to order online and my local Woodcraft has been out and lying to me about when they would get more in. The guy that was helping me called someone and started typing into the computer. The cost before shipping and tax to me would have been $43. Aint no way I was gonna pay that much....

Woodcraft has them for $20 on their site, and Kreg has them for $24 or so.... Amazon is like $20....


I forgot to check Sommerfeld like Jay suggested.

I have bought hinges and a few other smaller items off Sommerfelds site without issue and received in a few days after ordering.

I buy mine online from LeeValley. I've only bought screws (a choice of zinc or bluecote in all sizes and in sets of 100 or 500), but they seem to carry everything else associated with Kreg as well. Only takes a few days if you pay regular shipping (I've never used express shipping so I can't comment on that). If you live near a Lee Valley retail store (very few of us are that lucky), they seem to always have them in stock also.


I get my Kreg supplies at Lowe's home center.  They usually have most of what I need. 


If you don't have a Lowe's, you can orders supplies from Woodcraft (great customer support with real Americans on the line), or McFeely's.  I have not tried McFeely's, but they have every kind of screw under the sun.


Mike T

I just placed an order with for screws. I needed 2 1/2 inch blue-kote screws as I think i mentioned above... 17.79 free shipping Cheapest place I could find for them.... Even Kreg sells a 250 pack of the 2 1/2 inch blue-kotes for $20 PLUS $10 shipping. So you tell me, $17.79 or $30 for the same exact thing?

Real good sales at Sommerfeld too on the screws, they just dont have the 2 1/2 inch blues like I needed or I would have gotten them there....

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